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Saltire - Graphic Novel Series


A series centring round Scotland’s first comic book superhero, the dark and gritty world of the main character is a pseudo-history of the country and its mythology. Set entirely in the landscape of Scotland during pivotal moments from the past the novel will be familiar to those who enjoy the rich legends and traditions of Scotland.

NOTICE: We have now sold out of Saltire Annihilation 1/2. Both these books can still be found in the compendium "SaltireImmortal Guardian" 

Based on Caledonian folklore and set within a pseudo-history of Scotland, this epic graphic novel series is visionary in depth and scale with an immortal protagonist, iconic in both visual appeal and comic book lore. Modern superhero dynamics add a contemporary element to a legendary character, from his creation in pre-history, through the age of empires, he stands against the gods and armies of the expanding world. Set within pivotal moments from the country’s past, aided by the ancestral clan guardians, he fights to defend his people’s way of life and retain their right to freedom. From Roman invasion, tyrannical Saxons and crazed Berserkers, to the manipulative Wars of Freedom and the tragic final reckoning of the Puritans, each adversary brings forth their army, their alchemy, and a villainous foe to challenge the legendary warriors and confront their ultimate protector.

Creator John Ferguson says “Saltire is an immortal being created thousands of years ago to protect Scotland and its people. He’s big, he’s blue and he’s ginger. He has Scottish values but he’s a traditional comic book superhero with a variety of super villains to contend with as the story progresses, a Scottish competitor to Batman and Spiderman if you like.”

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