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Meet The Team

John Ferguson

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Saltire Creator and Writer

Clare Ferguson

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Managing Director Diamondsteel Comics

Phil Vaughan

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Art Director and Letterer

Meet The Artists

Claire Roe

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Artist Saltire Immortal Guardian

Lydia Praamsma

Artist Legend Eternal

James Devlin

Cover Artist Invasion, Annihilation

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John Ferguson - Born in Glasgow Scotland, John is now based in Dundee and St Andrews.

John has a degree in Management and he has been writing in various genres for many years. He has written for popular music magazines, interviewing rock bands and reviewing albums. He has also written articles on management and business practices for small press.C





Diamondsteel Comics Limited is a graphic novel and comic book publisher based in Dundee Scotland. It is responsible for critically acclaimed graphic novel series "Saltire". The company is jointly owned by John Ferguson and Clare Ferguson and was established in early 2013. 


The Saltire series was created and written by John Ferguson. 

Clare Ferguson - Clare is from Lancashire, England and in 1999, she moved to Scotland to attend St Andrews University.


After obtaining an honors degree in Human Physiology in 2004, Clare worked in the music industry and publishing. She has over 10 years experience as the managing director of a successful retail company, which she still currently runs. 

Clare is the Managing Director of Diamondsteel Comics Limited. 

John has a passion for Scottish history and mythology and has previously written short books on these subjects. He researched the Saltire series for several years before putting pen to paper. Each of his stories involves real Scottish events and locations across the country,although of course with a superhero twist. He has written 6 graphic novels in the series, and has plans for more. 


John is currently writing new stories and is available as a freelance writer and editor for Comics and graphic novels.

Please contact Clare (See below) for more information.

You can contact Clare on



Facebook:  Twitter: @saltirecomics  @saltirecomic

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ARTISTS working on Saltire projects.

Claire Roe - 

Claire Roe is a critically acclaimed artist from the east of Scotland.She illustrated and inked Saltire Immortal Guardian. She studied animation at Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art, and graduated in 2013. Claire has worked for Vertigo (SFX #3), the BBC (CBBC), Boom!studios We(l)come Back.

Lauren Knight - 

Lauren is a fantastic colourist who has worked on all of our projects.She has worked for the BBC and various comic book publishers. 

Lydia Praamsma - 

Lydia was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, living in Holland and Taiwan before coming to Scotland to study at the prestigious Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.

Always interested in comics and animation through a family tradition, her grandfather, aunts and mother all worked in the field. Lydia has been illustrating since the age of three and draws much of her inspiration from animated film and television, video game story boarding and digital concept art. Lydia has an intricate but dynamic style and is at the forefront of the new breed of comic book artists hitting the scene today.


ISSUE 1 AND 2 : Saltire Legend Eternal.

Tone Julskjaer and Gary Welsh - 

Tone and Gary worked on the original Saltire Invasion. They won a competition through DJCAD to illustrate and colour the first Saltire graphic novel. Their work was then translated into Gaelic and Scots. You can also find the original Saltire invasion/Inception on Kindle and Comixology.

They are both still working in comics and animation. Tone and Gary were the first to illustrate Scotland's superhero. 


*The original Saltire Invasion as reinked and worked by Claire Roe for Saltire Immortal Guardian. 


Alex Ronald -

Alex produced the cover art for Saltire Immortal Guardian. Recent projects include: Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht, a creator owned comic strip published by American magazine 'Heavy Metal',Doctor Who for Titan comics, Chaos Comic's Lady Death and Judge Dredd for British comic 2000ad.

James Devlin -

Freelance Graphic Artist and Designer, James had worked with most of the major comic book publishers. J.ames produced the fantastic cover art for Saltire Invasion, Saltire Annihilation and Saltire Annihilation Pt2.




Kevin McGivern -

Kevin McGivern is a professional artist and illustrator from Glasgow, Scotland, with experience in illustration for movies, advertising, games and magazine companies. Kevin created the cover art for Saltire Legend Eternal.






Phil Vaughan -

Phil lettered and rendered the entire Saltire series. He has been a valuable part of the team since the first issue.  Phillip has taught at DJCAD since 2005. He is the Course Director for DJCAD's MSc Animation & VFX programme and the creator and Module Leader of the Comic Art & Graphic Novels Expansive Module.

Phillip has over 17 years experience in CG working as a 3D Animator and FMV Cutscene Producer.

Phillip has worked on high profile licenses such as Braveheart, Star Trek, Deathtrap Dungeon, Urban Chaos, Tom and Jerry, Teletubbies, and Wallace & Gromit, subsequently working as a cut-scene producer for Farscape™, a Jim Henson production. He also worked on Brave™ and the highly successful State of Emergency™ franchise. He also realised a lifelong ambition and worked with the creators of Judge Dredd on a video game project for Digital Animations.


Phil is currently working on Saltire Legend Eternal.

DJCAD - Working with Duncan and Jordanstone College of art has helped us to source the best of Scottish talent. 


Critically acclaimed, Saltire has had positive reviews from across the globe. Details of the first book and projects this year are below.

Diamondsteel Comics Limited.
Graphic Novel Publisher.

Scotland's first superhero graphic novel series.
2013 Saltire Invasion - OUT NOW - SOLD OUT
2014 Saltire Annihilation Part 1 - OUT NOW - SOLD OUT
2014 Saltire Invasion in Gaelic - OUT NOW 
2014 Saltire Invasion in Scots - OUT NOW
2015 Saltire - The Immortal Guardian - OUT NOW

2016 Saltire - Legend Eternal Issue One - OUT NOW - SOLD OUT
2016 Saltire - Legend Eternal Issue Two - OUT NOW - SOLD OUT
2016 Saltire - Legen
d Eternal Issue Three - OUT NOW - SOLD OUT

Based on Caledonian folklore and set within a pseudo-history of Scotland, this epic graphic novel series is visionary in depth and scale with an immortal protagonist, iconic in both visual appeal and comic book lore. Modern superhero dynamics add a contemporary element to a legendary character, from his creation in pre-history, through the age of empires, he stands against the gods and armies of the expanding world. Set within pivotal moments from the country’s past, aided by the ancestral clan guardians, he fights to defend his people’s way of life and retain their right to freedom. From Roman invasion, tyrannical Saxons and crazed Berserkers, to the manipulative Wars of Freedom and the tragic final reckoning of the Puritans, each adversary brings forth their army, their alchemy, and a villainous foe to challenge the legendary warriors and confront their ultimate protector.

Book currently available in 
Waterstones UK
Forbidden Planet UK and independent Comic book shops across Scotland.

Amazon UK, Amazon USA,

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