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Saltire Immortal Guardian Compendium SALE RRP £19.99

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Saltire: Immortal Guardian Graphic Novel (PaperBack)

An A4 sized Ultimate Compendium of all the Saltire books so far. 200 page Scottish superhero graphic novel - the complete guide to Scotland's first superhero.
Extended and improved - it has 30 extra pages of story, including a prequel and extra awesome! This book is a compendium of Saltire Invasion, Saltire Annihilation Part One, Saltire Annihilation Part two.

A power grows to the south, a power bent on destruction...
When a peaceful land is faced with the might of a vengeful enemy, its legendary guardians must stand as one or kneel before a tyrannical foe.
Not human, not spirit or shadow, it will bring despair.
As chaos reigns over a desolate time, embattled warriors confront the carnage of a belligerent God in a desperate conflict to protect the innocent.
With courage shaken, faith tested, and hope extinguished amidst the fires of war, the immortal protector awakens to face the ultimate battle for freedom. fight, to endure, to survive.

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