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Mean City trailer

The Comic Book.

The four part comic book series from Diamondsteel Comics.  

"An unflinching gangster noir story."  

"A great creative team that really deliver the punch the story demands."  

- Comics Anonymous 

Featuring 32 pages of full colour art created by the brilliant team of Toni Heredia, Phillip Vaughan and

Robin Jones.

Check out the new series from Saltire (nominated for Best British Comic and named Illustrated Book of the Year) creator John Ferguson. 

 Episode One -   

Jaxx and Nello are experienced mob debt collectors for the unhinged Gaffer on a night gripped by the antics of vigilante Calamity Malice.

Tasked to track down Calamity, Jaxx wants out.

The Creative team.

John Ferguson - Writer

John Ferguson

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, John now lives as a wildman in the country with his wife and three children. Writing in various genres for many years including popular music magazines, he has written articles and books on management, Scottish mythology and sport. He is best known as the creator of the Saltire graphic novel series, a best selling and award nominated title created with DC's Claire Roe.

John is currently writing Mean City and is about the release the next Saltire graphic novel in the series, Legend Eternal.


Toni Doya - Artwork

Toni Doya

 Toni, from Spain, started drawing from a very early age, but only recently embarked on his professional career in 2014 illustrating the first act of graphic novel, Cain: The First Born, followed by the graphic novel Ingress: Origins, for Cryptozoic. 

He then collaborated on Back to the Future for IDW and several independent titles. Since 2017 he has been working with Diamondsteel Comics on the Saltire graphic novel series. 


Phil Vaughan - Colours

Phil lettered and rendered the entire Saltire series and has been a valuable part of the Diamondsteel team. Phillip has over 17 years experience in CG and 3D Animation and is currently working on Saltire Legend Eternal and as colourist for Mean City.


Clare Ferguson - Managing Director

Clare Ferguson


Clare is from Lancashire, England and in 1999, she moved to Scotland to attend St Andrews University. After obtaining an honors degree in 2004, Clare worked in the music industry and publishing. She has over 15 years experience as the managing director of a successful retail company and is the Managing Director of Diamondsteel Comics Limited.

Rob Jones - Letters

Rob Jones


Rob Jones is a UK based award nominated comic writer. and award winning letterer.

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